Frenzel Goggles

Details & Description


Enables clear observation of nystagmus


Goggles S5

Japanese technology and spirit cultivated for

over 60 years, distilled into

one exceptionally reliable Frenzel Goggles

● Well-tting design for patient's face and operator's hands

● Bulb-colored LEDs reveal the eye movement in familiar color

Lightweight and easy to carry (only 170 g without xing belt)

● Easy to replace face pad

● Single AAA battery operation

Bulb-colored LEDs on right and left Clear observation for eye movement

● High quality lenses allow clear observation of nystagmus

● Durable and lightweight ABS resin frame allows easy handling


Lenses : High quality convex plastic

Illumination : 2 bulb-colored LEDs (right and left side)

Frame : ABS resin

Fixing belt : Articial leather velcro

Face pad : Replaceable

Power source : One AAA battery

Weight : 195 g (with xing belt)

170 g (without xing belt)

Rated voltage : 1.5V DC

Current consumption : 0.17 A