Baby Incubator Air Incu i

Air Incu i

Details & Description


Economy-type incubator with a simple function.

Air curtain

The Air curtain, one of the standard features of the Air Incu i, prevents the temperature inside of the incubator from decreasing when opening a snap-open access port.

Low noise

The noise levels inside the incubator is kept being 45dB or less.

*The AAP recommends that the sound levels inside the infant incubator sand in NICU be kept lower than 45dB.

Antimicrobial panel screen

Hood disassembly

The hood can be disassembled with no tool. Should any part of the hood be broken or damaged, the individual part can be replaceable, helping to reduce the maintenance costs and increase the ease of servicing and cleaning.

Power -

Voltage - Customer specified

Frequency - 50/60Hz

Consumption - Main body: 600VA

HL stand: 120VA

Temperature control - Servo-control / Manual control

Dimensions -

Main body - W 101.5 x D 66.5 x H 145-166cm

Mattress surface - H84.5 - 104.5cm

External display - W22 x D5 x H14cm

Mattress - W65 x D36.5 x T2cm

Weight -

Main body: Approx.47kg

HL stand: Approx.35kg

Cabinet stand: Approx.30kg