Details & Description

Nihon Kohden Cardiolife TEC 5621 biphasic defibrillator that provides faster shock and continuous observation. It takes less than 4 seconds to charge 200J with either AC power or a fully charged new battery.  After defibrillation, ECG baseline recovers within 3 seconds. With the continuous VF analysis, ECG waveform can be analyzed even during CPR and energy charging starts before the shock is advised.

The Nihon Kohden biphasic defibrillator Cardiolife TEC 5621 offers:

  • Fast charging (3 seconds for 200J, 5 seconds for 270J charging in AC operation or fully charged new battery)
  • Quick recovery (3 seconds ECG recovery shows the defibrillation result quickly)
  • Powerful battery operation
  • High capacity (A fully charged new battery provides at least 70 discharges at 270J or 150 minutes continuous monitoring)
  • Short charging time (2-3 hours to fully charge with AC cord connected and power off)
  • High power backlit 6.5-inch color TFT LCD display
  • Nihon Kohden's advanced ec1 arrhythmia analysis
  • Smart Cable technology - plug and play monitoring
  • Onscreen operation guide
  • ECG data transmission through mobile network by Bluetooth
  • Self-test indicator
  • Voice recorder

Being compact and lightweight it is easy to carry and transport anywhere. The voice and ECG waveform at the defibrillation can be saved in the optional SD memory card.

The Nihon Kohden Cardiolife TEC 5621 biphasic defibrillator has an inclined design with the paddle holder being slightly inclined to easier placing and removing of the paddles. Screen and operation panels are also inclined to easier viewing from a standing position.

The Nihon Kohden Cardiolife TEC 5621 biphasic defibrillator offers practical external paddles that include child electrodes underneath the adult electrodes. Electrode-skin contact quality is indicated by color-coded indicators. The paddles can change easily with one connector.

Protection from sudden capacitor failure cap-ONE, the world’s first mainstream CO2 sensor, can measure ETCO2 of non-intubated patients. It can also measure intubated patients just by changing the airway adapter. No complicated setting or warm-up time is required so you can obtain CO 2 quickly and accurately. A CO2 sensor kit, TG-901T3, is also available for intubated patients.

The high voltage capacitor is divided into thousands of individual cells to prevent sudden, total failure of the capacitor. If any part fails, the remaining cells can still provide a shock. The high-voltage capacitor is automatically tested by a capacitor test program which measures the capacitance by charging and discharging.

The battery performance test is done by simulating actual charging and discharging to accurately test the quality of the rechargeable battery.

The Nihon Kohden biphasic defibrillator Cardiolife TEC 5621 saves data that can be transferred to a PC using an optional SD memory card and reviewed on the PC with optional Defibrillation Report Viewer software, QP-765VK/551VK.

Accessories Included

  • Defibrillation Paddles
  • AED Cable & Pads
  • ECG Connector & leads
  • Power Cord
  • SpO2