Details & Description

This is Japan's best selling telemetry central monitor. This nurse oriented patient monitoring system is ideal for the step-down unit, ER, CCU and ICU, cardiac rehabilitation, general ward and other areas. A flexible choice of patient transmitters is available.

  • Flexible system configuration
  • There are two models, 4-patient WEP-5204 and 8-patient WEP-5208. You can configure the display depending on the room plan and patient management plan. It can be combined wirelessly with different types of transmitters or multi-parameter bedside monitors.
  • Compact and movable solution
  • One compact body contains the display with alarm indicator, main unit, receiving unit and built-in thermal recorder. You can install it on a cart to give the nursing staff even more flexibility. This is no alternative solution. If you install it on the nursing desk, you can add a second display.
  • Highly reliable telemetry
  • UHF digital telemetry with dual diversity antenna provides a reliable and stable signal. The frequency is different from wireless LAN, so there is no interference or data loss.
  • Easy operation
  • 5 types of alarm notification, help ensure that caregivers don't miss alarms.
  • High quality arrhythmia detection
  • Nihon Kohden’s advanced ec1 arrhythmia analysis from our high end Life Scope J bedside monitor is also included in this central monitor.