Touchscreen Monitor - BSM-6301

10.4" TFT LCD

Details & Description

The Nihon Kohden BSM6301K is a 10.4" modular touchscreen monitor that provides scalable features for use in a variety of clinical settings (ICU, NICU, CCU, OR, ER)

Features :

10.4" large colour TFT touchscreen

Parameters : ECG, Resp (impedance and thermistor), Sp02, NiBP, IBP, temperature, cardiac output, 02, C02 (mainstream and sidestream), flow/Paw, BIS, anaesthetic gas(C02, O2, N20, agent), TOF, ventilation, CCO, EEG, tcP02, tcPC02, esCCO

Choice of modular input box (AY660 - 1 multi (C02 /IBP), AY661 - 1 multi, AY663 - 3 multi)

Choice of Sp02 technology (NK, Masimo, Nellcor)

Scalable up to 7 multiports

10 waveforms

72 hour storage

Network function standard

12 lead ECG


PWTT (Pulse Wave Transit Time) - to measure critcal changes in BP

esCCO (non invasive Continuous Cardiac Output) - option