Touchscreen Monitor BSM-3562

12.1" TFT LCD

Details & Description


Type of parameter is automatically detected while a smart cable is plugged into a multi-connector and after that, measurement starts. ECG and SpO2 non-invasively calculate PWTT. Smart data is reviewed up to 24 hours (72 hours with option) of 5 selected full disclosure waveforms. User can customize the trend table and trend graph for each patient condition. Comprehensive review is provided with vital sign trend table, NIBP trend table, trend graph, arrhythmia recall, full disclosure and alarm history. A more intuitive approach to diagnostic and therapeutic decision-making in hemodynamic management are provided by Nihon Kohden’s hemodynamic graph. The operators in the clinic can easily see the direction and trend of hemodynamic change. It is seen while imaging the frank starling curve. As per the guidelines for initial resuscitation of severe sepsis and septic shock, early goal-directed therapy is supported by blood pressure and CVP target graph.